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Our prices are competitively low.
A 25 minute lesson will cost around $8.75.
We offer a free 20 minute trial lesson and registration is free.
We offer a free 30 minute English Consultation with the owner to help you learn faster.

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Our Teaching Philosophy

Learning English is like watching news on television.・・・・

You must get your information from many different sources.

If you only watch the news on CNN, you will only get one point of view. Your learning will not be complete.

But you will truly learn all of the facts if you watch CNN and FOX and NHK and BBC!

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  • Many of us have lived in Japan before and understand Japanese language and culture!
  • We offer a free 20 minute trial lesson and registration is free!


By using Skype, you are able to practice your English Conversation listening and speaking skills without even having to leave your home! Under the guidance of a Native speaker in an interesting one on one conversation you will enjoy being able to understand and use English more fluently. And you might actually have fun, too!

There is no need to be anxious or tense! Many students feel this same way and we want to reassure you. Our tutors are very friendly and are looking forward to helping your English proficiency.

There is no need to prepare anything for lessons. Our tutors have over a million topics and they are skilled in helping you relax so that you can learn easier. Our Teaching Philosophy

By practicing speaking, you will become more skillful and become less afraid of using the English language! When you register, you will receive a ticket for a free 20 minute trial lesson. We will kindly and gently guide you in the correct words, pronunciation, grammar, and phrases of modern English.

Please email me anytime (in English or Japanese) with any questions you may have. Contact Us

Q: まだ初心者なのですが、先生は外国人の先生ですか?